Judy Bednarek is a an award-winning screenwriter in Minnesota. She writes well-executed scripts with a supernatural twist that offer life lessons or a spiritual message. Thrillers, action, faith-based and historical drama. These bold, innovative stories entertain an international audience with culturally-diverse characters who encounter extraordinary situations.


Judy is a pitch winner and her scripts have placed as a Top-10 finalist in prominent screenplay competitions (2013-2021). Her short script For All Eternity is a finalist at the December 2021 La Femme Film Festival in Paris, France. Her feature script A Season of Strawberries was selected for the 2019 Global Script Challenge from more than 10,000 scripts at the Sundance-affiliated Oaxaca FilmFest in Mexico. She is looking to collaborate with film directors or producers. Option or sell her scripts and is seeking representation with an Agent or Manager.

She is currently working on a first draft of Blood In The Earth. A lonely, midwest farmer with autism cares for a mutilated, Lakota woman and unearths tribal corruption that endangers both their lives.

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